Thursday, 2 March 2017

'Evil Empires'

Make no excuses for irony. Why should you?

What can grin in my face and take the hell out of me? What faces death and will survive? What lure my belongings in a belonging way? Do I feel comfortable enough, save and secure for the rest of my life, or will I get smashed the very next time I wake up again? Maybe it’s better that I close my eyes for an refreshing eternal sleep? For a Great Unadventurous Adventure? To be or not to be is still the question? Or rather nowadays:

"To become or not to become?"

Questionable I’m a man of questions. I look around and see at this moment at a national level many elections are going on. Nearby or in the aftermath of that. Europe is in a turmoil. So called united to make far fetched dreams come true. In reality she’s strongly divided. On the one hand in a distinguished way, on the same time European nations stare to each other with hollow eyes, far centred anyway, …mentaly poor and weak. Poor and weak? Shame on you! Donnot frame the European Union! The United States of Europe!

America is in a hurry and in denial. Very serious internal conflicts. What’s the Real America, what will Make America Greath Again or at Last!? And England as always is fighting for independence. Not only for yesterday of course but for many days still to come. Multiplied Independend Days. Like Churchill once said: 'We will never surrender!'

Like I said in my first message on this blog: These are the days my friend… You hope they never end? Well they will. They will… Eventually we all put out to sleep.

Sweet Dreams

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