Friday, 3 March 2017

Food for Thoughts – Both for Authorians, Republicans and Democrats

Donald Trump and his team had an hidden allegiance with the Russians? And the coming months or so that will be fully exposed by the American media and Intelligence? True or false? Dazzling. What can I say, what can I think about such allegations? The phrase let the facts and the fact checkers do their work… comes easy to mind.

Here in Europe we tend to lay hands on evidence by merely logical thinking, why this, why that, because of what and so on. First an insight and then a disclosure…, a reading of a …'irrefutable' verdict. While Americans often boldly claim and assert things when they have clue’s in all kind of directions and on that base starts investigations on the matter. But like all humain beings on Earth Americans can also be partial towards somebody or something. It's important to keep that in mind as well.

And then when we look to Russia and his leader Vladimir Putin, is that realy the embodiment of an Evil Empire and a pure Authorian State? Putin is no saint. No way. But for me it seemes to easy to label him and his followers as simply totally evil and corrupt. Does he has blood on his hands? That’s likely I suppose. Are there reliable documentaries about this person uploaded on the internet? For me this question is diffcult to answer. I don’t know, that means I am not sure on that. Take the following short documentary for instance: How Putin Is Transforming Russia (Youtube). It’s made recently by a seemingly average American guy, a geek.

Sean Hannity, television host of Fox News, known for his strong support for the Trump Administration, yesterday rejects firmly the allegations against Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States. Is Hannity right on this issue or not?

Democrats and republicans are in a kind of war with each other at the moment. Truth or dare war games on a political and economical level. The future direction of America is at stake. Together with Great Britain right now they are showing the world a kind of mirror. Certain Shakespeare Themes come fully alive in present Anglo-Saxon politics.

I close this column, this blog, with a quote from a lecture given by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). He pointed out a regular shift between democratic and authorian tendencies in living societies. Food for thoughts.

Lecture: Social and Antisocial Instincts  
Place and time: Dornach, Schwiss; 6th December, 1918
Speaker: Rudolf Steiner 
“[…] Let us assume that the ideal of community life in a state is a democracy, but, should this be introduced anywhere, in its last phase it would inevitably bring about its own destruction. The tendency of democracy is inevitably such that, when the democrats are together, one is always endeavoring to overcome the other; the one always wishes to have his way against the other. This goes without saying. Transferred into the realm of reality, a democratic order leads to the opposite side. There is no other possibility in life. Democracies will always, after a certain length of time, die as the result of their own democratic nature. These are things that are of enormous importance for an understanding of life. […]”

Mike Oldfield
Shadow on The Wall

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